What’s in the Golden D6 Issue Two?

Did you check out Issue One of the Golden D6?

It was such a blast and an interesting process to get Issue One out that I thought I’d take six months off between Issue One and Issue Two.

You just know that there has to be a story behind the six month break, don’t you?

Of course there is! I’ll summarise to keep the story interesting.

Family stuff. Not fun family stuff either; serious family stuff that you can’t avoid.

I promise that’s the interesting version.

Issue Two represents a huge leap forward in production quality thanks to the amazing talents of Matt Weaver. I have known Matt for many years. All the way back to when he was a road rep for Games Workshop and would fax photos of roadkill back to head office. Make sure you ask him about it.

He has worked extensively in graphic design for Games Workshop. His tenure lasted sixteen years, during which he worked on and managed the White Dwarf. He also produced point of sale material, and a wide range of other products in his time there.

Matthew has since a attained a Bachelor Degree in Digital Media. He majored in 3D animation and design, and minored in web-based interactive design.
Now, he is a freelance designer working in print media, illustration, product development, marketing and advertising material.

If you’ve seen Issue Two, you know that bringing him on to design the Golden D6 was a stellar idea. His eye for design and skills with Adobe InDesign have defined the look and feel of all the issues since.

  • Shizune Paints shows you an awesome recipe for painting blue armour
  • An exclusive interview with Andy Chambers
  • A Warmahordes narrative battle report from Chris
  • Joe Baird shows you how to make custom decals for an Imperial Knight
  • And that’s just four of the articles you’ll find in Issue One!

You can find Issue Two of the Golden D6 in the link below and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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