What’s in the Golden D6 Issue One?

You may remember, in an age long ago, a time when hobby magazines were all about the hobby.
The Golden D6 is born from a memory of that time. It started out as vicarious hobby and rolled on to an online magazine.

Way back in 1990, a young man started playing Dungeons and Dragons. He soon discovered miniatures and picked up random packs of toy soldiers to paint and game with. Those early efforts, like so many of us, were embarrassing, crusted with enamel paint and lost to the annals of time.

At around this time, he also picked up his first ever hobby magazine; a little known publication called, the White Dwarf. In it’s pages were a dazzling array of miniature marvels that enraptured him with worlds both fantasy and sci-fi.

In short, he was hooked.

(The young man in the story is me, just in case)

Fast forward twenty-five years! Today that young man (who wears his age with a remarkable youthfulness, thankyouverymuch), finds that real life takes its toll as commitments to family and work eat up hobby time.

Spare time that, in the past, was spent painting or playing, was now spent playing with kids. Or actually interacting with a beloved wife!

However, lurking in the background, is the vast repository of hobby knowledge that is the internet. Blogs, forums and social media are a cornucopia of hobby inspiration by and for gamers just like you!

But, if we’re honest, who’s got the time to find and read them all?

That’s where the Golden D6 comes in. Issue One is a showcase of some of the awesome hobby that is out there on the internet. It is specially selected by me for it’s extra-awesomeness, just for you.

  • Do you want to learn how to paint marble like a complete boss? You should check out Tom’s tutorial where he paints the Imperial Fists Chapter Master, Alexis Polux’s, Storm Shield!
  • What about painting tartan? Matthew Griffin has a simple and easy to follow recipe that produces great results.
  • One of the big challenges of getting your hobby online is taking great photos of your models. A DIY light box will help to produce awesome looking photos.
  • Have you played Kings of War yet? Still sitting on the fence? Greg, from the Hoodling’s Hole, takes a detailed look at the key differences between Kings of War and Warhammer.
  • And that’s just four of the articles you’ll find in Issue One!

You can find Issue One of the Golden D6 in the link below and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

the golden d6 online hobby magazine

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