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Get to know War Painter – Liber Daemonica

warhammer 40k imperial fist rogal dorn

ecret or loud and proud painter/gamer? 
A secret one. I’m hiding under the brand of Liber Daemonica.

40k painted wolf titan

What age did you get into painting and what started it off? 
I read a book about Ultramarines and fell in love with it. I’ve been painting professionally for 7 years now.

Liber Daemonica garage kit vampire

What was the first model you ever painted? 
A metal squad of Ultramarines veterans. 

painted 40k dark angel

What is your favourite brush/paint brand? 
Winsor & Newton, Da Vinci, Roubloff.

death guard nurgle chaos titan 40k

What model would you love to paint that you haven’t done yet? 
Warlord-class Titan.

painted 40k duel miniatures

What models do you really enjoy painting? 
Solo space marines heroes. 

painted 40k kharn betrayer

Where do you get your inspiration from
I google other painters’ works and analyze them. 

Alarielle Everqueen painted aos sylvaneth

What other creative outlets do you use (music, canvas, art, etc)? 
Unfortunately none. 

40k painted battle scene

What is your favourite convention or event? What event would you like to go to
Crystal Brush

painted star wars imperial destroyer

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