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Get to know a War Painter – Wellforged Gaming

Wellforged Gaming is a commission miniature painting service in Kansas, USA.

middle earth dwarf well forged gaming

Secret or loud and proud painter/gamer?
Loud and proud of course!

What age did you get into painting and what started it off?
I got into painting fairly recently, about two or three years ago. We started a 5e campaign at my house which prompted me to buy my first miniature. I saw online all of all the awesome minis that people have painted and decided to start my painting journey then.

dark elf sorceress miniature

What was the first model you ever painted?
A Chronoscope something-or-other. It kinda looks like Indiana Jones. Ah, I painted it with Apple & Barrel acrylics so you could imagine how it turned out.

What is your favourite brush/paint brand?
Currently, I’m using a set of D’Artisan Shoppe brushes. It’s working well for what I’m needing then for. Paint-wise, it’s a mix of Citadel, P3, Army Painter, and Vallejo paints. I’m finding P3 the best for airbrushing. I do have my eye on some Scale 75 in the near future though…

aos vampire miniature painted

What are you working on right now?
Currently working on a commission for a redditor — a desert ranger. The miniature is Mason Thornwarden from Reaper.

What model would you love to paint that you haven’t done yet? What
models do you really enjoy painting?

I’ve always wanted to paint a Great Unclean One from GW. Ever since Matt Colville unleashed one as a boss for his Twitch D&D campaign, I’ve always wanted to get my hand on one of those. As for models I’d enjoy painting — I’ve gotten quite fond of Heroforge miniatures. Their features are nice and smooth and they take to paint quite well.

wellforged gaming human wizard miniature

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I think a mix of concept art and other miniature painters’ works.

What other creative outlets do you use (music, canvas, art, etc)?
Miniature painting is my main creative outlet. I’ve always wanted to draw but I’ve never gained the skill to do so.

What is your favourite convention or event? What event would you like to go to?
I’ve been to Planet Comicon several times throughout the last ten years. I’ve had an absolute blast each time! I’d like to go to Warhammer Fest, ReaperCon, GenCon, and Pax East at some point.

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