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Get to know a War Painter – Kaptain Tom Miniatures

Secret or loud and proud painter/gamer?
I am really proud of myself being able to achieve such progress in two years, which is quite short  

40k ork Papa Jambo

What age did you get into painting and what started it off?
This is a good question. My answer is a bit complex. First of all my painting career is started with a nine years “break”. In 2008 when I was 22 I bought my first WH40k box of Orks. It was love at first sight. Orks always were my fav race in every type of stuff (video games, movies, tabletop.) Because of some family issues this box rested in peace until 2017. That year was my really starting time. Second and most important thing that I’m not a tabletop player, I just bought figures for painting.

painted 40k ork burna boy

What was the first model you ever painted?
My first model I ever painted was an Ork Slugga boy (Ofc) from the box that I mentioned above. Mostly I just splashed colours on it but he is still my favourite piece of all time. 
He will always remind me of where I started. For anyone who has just started painting, I advise to keep the first figure forever! 😉 ( oh and I’ll include an image of it)

40k painted First ork

What is  your favourite brush/paint brand?
First I started with Citadel brushes, those are quite good for starting I think. Later I changed to W&N brushes, the series 7 range. My favourite paint brand? This is the hardest question. I’ve almost tried all of them and in term of pure color Kimera Kolors is the best. They have the cleanest colours. BTW Mostly I use Kimera, Vallejo, Andrea, Scale75 and GW colours.

painted 40k space marine

What are you working on right now?
I recently finished the painting of an unreleased Ork for Hardcore Miniatures, sadly I cant upload images of him, but it’s a Punisher themed Ork boss. At the moment I’m working on a Lobo (White) Ork and the 1/10 scale Muir bust sculpted by Ju-Won Jung.

painted WIP Muir bust witch

What model would you love to paint that you haven’t done yet?
models do you really enjoy painting?Every types of Orks from GW HQ units to 75mm figures and busts. I always treat them with extra care. Figures that I  would like to paint, Hmm.. Maybe large monster units from the GW range (Mortarion, Archaon Everchosen etc), upcoming model of Gotrek and the new Warcry minis.

painted dark elf bust

Where do you get your inspiration from?
It’s simple. From wherever I can. 🙂

painted SAM miniature

What other creative outlets do you use (music, canvas, art, etc)?
I always listen some music (All kind) when I’m painting, and because of my basic grade is graphic designer I paint and draw a lot mostly on my computer with Wacom tablet and in traditional sketchbooks!

warhammer 40k space marine tyranid duel

What is your favourite convention or event? What event would you like to 
go to?  

Because I have a relatively short time in my hobby, I’ve entered only into domestic competition MMS 19 (Moson Model Show 2019) THis was my first competition and I won three golds. In this year I preparing to enter to the SMC with a special piece! 😉
And my dream is the Crystal Brush someday!

painted shark warrior

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