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Get to know a War Painter – Dirty Shiva Painting Studios

painted sorceror miniature

Secret or loud and proud painter/gamer?
I try to post everything I paint and play with, but I tend to get distracted from posting sometimes just because my life is hectic, painting is my mental break from the chaos.

dirty shiva studios elephant man miniature

What age did you get into painting and what started it off?
When I was 12 my father got me my first art test that I scored a 97%. I started off with sketching anime and turned to pastels. I didn’t get into miniature painting till I was in my 30’s but I absolutely love it.

Hadross Shell Crackers painted

What was the first model you ever painted?
Mushroom men, they are Reaper models I believe, 3 in a pack. 

dirty shiva studios painted miniature collection

What is  your favourite brush/paint brand?
I use Transon Art and brush company, round. I bought them from Amazon they work very well for me.

painted 40k tau fire warriors

What are you working on right now?
Right now I’m working on a Herd Stone for my Beasts of Chaos army along with a Jabberslych.

painted 40k termagents tyranids

What model would you love to paint that you haven’t done yet? What 
models do you really enjoy painting?

I love the weird ones [lol] and I mean the ones that have insane details like The great unclean one I’d love to do. I really love pushing the box art on all models. And anything I can get my hands on I enjoy, especially when I can paint it however I like.

painted chaos war lord

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I like going to art museums listening to live music. Even some films like Avatar push colors and I love edgy pieces.

painted fantasy chaos demon war lord

What other creative outlets do you use (music, canvas, art, etc)?
I do sketchings and write. Currently working on a graphic novel that’ll hopefully be published by the end on the year.

painted gorilla warrior miniature

What is your favourite convention or event? What event would you like to 
go to?

Love going to comic Con. And I’d love to go to Mera Luna. 

painted ogre miniature

Tell us whatever it is that makes you do what you do!
To be honest, mental health and stability. When I paint I get calm, I get focused, I get motivated. Then I get tired but in a good way. After all that focus both mind and body can rest well. It’s all about balance. Not sure about other people but if my body is tired and I go to bed my mind continuously still runs. Thinking about the day and next day activities that aren’t even necessarily important in that moment because you’re in bed lol Your mind needs rest to and a lot of people don’t realize that. But painting is what I do to reduce stress and keep a sound mind.

painted steam punk monster
painted warhammer aos beastmen
painted werewolf miniature

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