The Golden D6 Issue #1 – Malifaux Build Log


Sam, from Perth, has done an excellent job putting together a Malifaux Dreamer crew and goes into a lot of detail about the hows and whys of his choices.

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Sam has produced a very new Malifaux player friendly overview of why he is building his Dreamer crew. We included it in Issue One because he is a great example of how easy it is for us to pick up new games in the Information Age.

If you are interested in Malifaux and some of Sam’s modelling tips, this could be the article for you!

I played my first Malifaux game with our local henchman Liam and, I’d have to say, ripper mechanics.
I was playing Seamus, and while committing a wee-bit o’ murder was great fun, the models that caught my eye back on first release were Teddy
and the nightmares.
This, combined with the new release plastic crew box, was enough to tip me over.
So if you don’t know the back story, the dreamer (as far as I can tell) is a spirit tottering around in his dream, summoning nightmares and killing
everyone who crosses his path. Mechanic wise, if I use him to summon 4 nightmares, he pushes along his scale and wakes up, disappearing from
the board. Then he gets replaced by Mr Chompy Bits, the enormous nightmare critter.

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