The Golden D6 Issue #6 – Flames of War tutorial


Man, when you want to paint a tank like a freakin' monster, you'd be hard pressed to go past Rubén Torregrosa from

In a first for the Golden D6, we feature a series of massively interesting video tutorials about painting Flames of War tanks (15mm). Please note: This article is translated from the original Spanish. While every effort has been made to keep the translation in tact, some interpretation of the orginal article has been done.;

In this three video series, I will be showing you how to paint a German tank for Flames of War. The model is the Jagdpanzer E-50 from Heer46 (http:// The tank has a lot of large, flat panels and a lot of edges and makes for a really good practice piece for many different painting techniques, particularly, modulation.

Even as a 40K player/painter I found some massively useful tips for painting up tanks!

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