Meet a Golden D6 contributor – Duane Wood

Golden D6 contributors come in all shapes and sizes and from all over the place. Duane's Cypher miniature was featured in Issue Ten and he was kind enough to answer our questionnaire for the Golden D6 Meet a Contributor.

What really drew us to Duane's work was not his painting, but his scenery.

If you haven't checked out some of the awesome terrain he's done, click the picture below to go to his Facebook page.

Secret or loud and proud gamer/painter?
I am very open with my nerdiness. I love and adore this game on a variety of levels and take great passion in the detail that you can go into with even minute details on your own miniatures. I don't hide it in any way.

What age did you get into painting and what stated it off?
I was about 20 when I took my first test game at Games Workshop in Chadstone by the venerable Andrew Buckley who ran me through a quick Mcraggae set with a friend of mine and I thought “That was easy, how do I get started?” I worked out with my brother to start playing and the next week we went down and dropped a large amount of money on all the tools and paints and starter boxes we thought would keep us busy. I have not looked back since.

duane wood warhammer 40000 scenery tutorial district terra

What was the first model you ever painted?
My first would probably have been the pewter Chaos Marine Lord with Combi-Melta and Axe. I went with red for some reason, I think I had a fondness for word bearers at the time. I eventually deviated away from the red and made my own legion based off the same idea and went with a black scheme to save me time painting my models as I used to really hate the process.

What is your favourite miniature of company miniature to paint?
Games Workshop. It's the miniatures that got me into this tabletop hobby to begin with and it's kept me here for ten years and always busy.

What is your favourite brush/paint brand?
For brushes I will use whatever is needed for the job. I have bought many Games Workshop brushes in my time, but since I focus a lot on terrain and don't need refined detail I tend to buy art shop brushes and paints for terrain. For painting of miniatures I use finer brushes from Windsor & Newton and the Citadel range of paints.

What are you working on right now?
I am in the process of finally painting a large terrain project for a customer in NSW, Australia who initially requested dwarf-themed terrain but changed his mind shortly after to industrial/snow and I went with the idea right off the bat. The drab and bleak look of the dark industrial setting mixed with some vibrant snow would be a great mix.

What model would you love to paint that you haven't done yet?
Magnus the Red. It's such a massive beast of a model with so much room for small details. I don't run Chaos Marines any more and am trying to limit purchases unless relevant to making terrain so although the impulse is there, it's well and truly stifled.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
The community! There is a wealth of resources for those out there willing to look. Forums, Pintrest, Facebook groups all full of people that share your passions and aspirations to get better at something you really enjoy. Most are very willing to help out where they can and guide you if you simply as the question.
I also use a lot of reference photos in what I strive for with my models and am constantly looking for ways to replicate effects I see in the real world on my models.

Any hobby tips or cheats to share?
Planning. Not really a cheat, but I do not attempt a project without a vast amount of reference material, artwork, sketches, and my own personal design work done so I know which direction I want the elements to lead in. Planning is key for me, and finding the right references to back up or push your story further is never a bad idea.

What other creative outlets do you use?
I do canvas painting to with acrylics. It started from the notion that if I can paint tiny models I should be able to paint on a big canvas even easier. I have not finished much that I am very proud of as it's a continually growing process of learning there is always room to improve and my older work left a lot to be desired.

Are you a gamer as well as a painter?
Yes. The game is what initially brought me over into this world and at the core it is why I do all of this. It will be taking a slight back seat this year as I try to focus on District: Terra and get a lot of work out for friends of mine as well as people known in our local community.

What's your game of choice?
Warhammer 40k.

What game systems do you play?
40k. I have had interest in other games but I don't feel I have the time to try and even attempt to pick up anything further. I can only hold so much information.

How long have you been playing?
I have now been in this hobby close to 11 years. It has been such a good journey, the friends I have made that I will keep the rest of my life and the road trips to far away places to meet and play with people that you will never see in your local events is the best part for me. I love the social aspect of this hobby and it's a big part of my desire to play. I am not good at the game though. Haha.

What interests you about those games?
Everything! 40K is such a giant universe (literally) that contains something for pretty much everyone. From Tau to the great Space Marines of Terra there is a place for everyone to feel comfortable. I found myself playing Orks, Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard and finally Space Marines and have had a totally different experience with all of them. The lore and background is so massive as well with forgotten worlds, entire races wiped from existence, star systems lost and found again. The Warhammer 40k story is one that I will always enjoy.

duane wood warhammer 40000 scenery tutorial district terra

What is your favourite convention or event you have gone to?
PAX!!! Well and truly. I do tournaments throughout the year to cement myself as a low-skill players within the community but at Pax we get to play the role of the classic Redshirt. We put on a show each year at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and show off our boards, armies and custom scenarios and introduce a lot of newcomers to Warhammer 40k. In some cases we reunite people with an old forgotten hobby of theirs and show them that it can still be fun or competitive depending on their individual wants and needs.

We get to meet lots of interesting people and talk to them about something we hold a very deep passion for so we dedicated months of work to having a great show for them to watch when they come to our tables to see what all the fuss is about and when we pack up it is always worth the effort knowing we have reached out with our passion to others who may follow in our footsteps but perhaps needed a little push in the direction like Andrew gave me almost 11 years ago.

Favourite gaming moment/war story?
At a recent event I played in Canberra (CANCON) I took a list fairly left of centre with a lot of redundancies and elements I felt worked well together but was quick to discover that 24” range shooting does not do so well in a heavy-hitting ITC event.

My second day of the 3 day event I came across an ork army running a BUZZGOB(?) STOMPA, a squad of Nobs on bikes, with a Painboy and Wazdakka Gutsmek.
There was 2 squads of ork boys in Gun Wagons and 1 squad of burna boys in a Gun wagon also tagging along and lastly 3 squads of single deffkoptas to zoom around objectives.

I was running a Strike Anvil Task Force featuring 7 Vindicators, a Landraider with 5 thunderhammer/stormshield terminators inside joined by a techmarine, and an Imperial Knight.

I won first turn for the first game out of the 8 I played that entire weekend and blew up 4 of his Nobbikers and moved my Vindicators around the flank for a second turn shot at the painboy.

The Stompa reared its guns towards the first Vindicator squadron, getting 6 pens and exploding 3 of them while the lifta-droppa focused its energy on tossing my Landraider 7” across the board, which automatically explodes it.

At my turn I realise I need the Bikers dead or else I really do have a lot of trouble on my hands. With my APOC blast on the Bike squad entirely I manage 4 hits and one wound which isn't enough to force them back. And I lose that flank as a result. In desperation I charge my knight as his Stompa and fail the charge (it was a 12 but I was hoping for a miracle)

His turn the bikes chewed up my second Vindicator squad, the Stompa kills the last alone Vindicator and shoots my Knight but gets no damage then charges me. That's when it got interesting.

My Knight hit all his attacks and manages a 6 on the D table, automatically removing 6 hull points, then rolls a 5 for the d6+ on top. 11 hull points removed in one dice roll. The remaining 2 hits clean up the stompa before it gets a chance to fight back and in my following turn the knight blows up a wagon, kills the occupants. Next turn kills another squad and then their wagon and finally a deff kopta alone on an objective before the game runs out of turns.

The game went from sure victory for the Orks to a real difficult fight back and neither of us knew the outcome after the Stompa died. We both were laughing hysterically as the game flipped constantly between us being the victor but in the end I was not able to close in any objectives that mattered and it was my opponents win but I had an absolute blast of a game and you cannot as for more than that!

When you are not conquering the tabletop what do you do?
I am a storeman about to receive a promotion for an electrical wholesaler. It's nothing incredibly prestigious but I take great pride in my work and it shows. Push yourself further no matter what field and you'll be surprised by what you can do. Especially true in the realm of hobbying!