Issue #10 and Getting Your Help Creating It


Hey, everyone. It’s Thor from Creative Twilight. I’m going to be helping Adam out with his awesome magazine, and the first order of business is getting your help.

For issue #10 we wanted to do something special. So, for the 10th issue we will be doing a miniature painting showcase. Pages upon pages of beautifully painted miniatures by you all. To make that happen we need to get everyone to submit models they are really proud of. The awesome stuff you’ve created that you want to show the world.

In addition, we would love to get a little write-up about the model(s) to put along with it in the issue. You can tell everyone how you painted it, what you like about it, what your goal was with the model, anything really.

You can submit your entries below in the comments, or use the handy contact form to get in touch with us.

Please, share this and tell your friends. The more awesome entries we get, the better the issue will be!