FLGS February – KayJays Games and Hobbies

This isn't an advert as such, and it's not paid. I am hoping that FLGS Feburary will get a few of the #Spruegrey Nation down to their FLGS, give them some love and the write to me about it. 

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Spread across three floors, devoted to retail and gaming space, KayJay’s Games and Hobbies not only has an impressive range of games and hobbies but also permanently setup tables and even scenery to go on them! KayJay’s Games and Hobbies, owned by Ian Bouch, has very rapidly became my FLGS after the couple of games of Infinity I played there on the regular Wednesday Infinity night. Apart from the half dozen players there, the insane levels of stock meant it was easy to sort out a game as well as stock up on some toys! The staff at KayJay’s are one of the other big draw cards for a trip westward. Ian’s passion for wargaming and encyclopedic knowledge means he’s quick to answer questions and help you find exactly the game or the model you are looking for.

The outside of this unassuming little shop in Footscray is full to the brim with wargaming wonder.


Another reason to visit KayJay’s is the depth of stock that they maintain. It’s hard to keep up the state of modern table top games with the advent of crowd funding of various types but Ian definitely gives it a go! On top of stocking Games Workshop products, he has a full range of Mantic Games, Infinity, Malifaux, Privateer Press games as well as Flames of War and Bolt Action. Whilst rustling around the front lines, I even found copies of some of the more niche games, and thus began my obsession with A Fistful of King Fu! KayJay’s is an amazing retail games store, most importantly he sells one of our most luxurious and sought-after items, coffee!

KayJay’s Games and Hobbies

1/2D Parker Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Email: kayjays@hotmail.com.au
Phone: 03 9044 8142