The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game

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Today we walk into the broken and flooded world of Ulaya with the new tabletop miniatures game “The Drowned Earth”

The Drowned Earth is a skirmish based game just going into Kickstarter being released by James Baldwin and his team. Set in a time where a cataclysmic event has hit the world, the game has a true and well felt post-apocalyptic theme. Huge areas of the world have been flooded by global warming and over time reclaimed by the various flora and fauna present on the world.

Skip forward a few hundred or even thousand years and the various warbands from the remnants of civilisation venture into the long-forgotten ruins to search for artifacts of “The Builders” from the previous age.

The Drowned Earth is played on a 3’x3’ service with heavy terrain very akin to infinity. The game has a tonne of dynamic movement from swimming, jumping, climbing and swinging from vines (that’s right Tarzan fans!) so that playing on a table with less terrain doesn't seem as much fun.

However, do not let this put you off, with the reduced table area most players should have plenty of scenery options to use.

The game uses an alternate activation system and has a strong focus on active and reactive play. Players and models will be allocated a number of activation tokens to use and it really creates a risk/reward system of spending the resource.

The dice system used in The Drowned Earth is a D10 with various rolls made against a statistic from the nominated model's card. The development team have pushed this further with a pseudo “second chance” system built in that can lead up some very epic and cinematic moments.

As in most skirmish games, there is a low model count with a warband being between 5 – 15 models. The warbands are very thematic and include other intelligent creatures that have developed since the “Fall”. These include:

  • the “Berengeii” who are evolved and uplifted Gorillas,
  • the “Sorrians” a reptile species of unknown origin
  • the “Dverg” ex slaves that are near human however can have some quirky features.
  • Other races are also present in the back story to the game, however are not in the current model line.

The named characters in the warband also take up a number of roles including Leader, Tough, Scout, Mech and Medic classes. There are four available factions at present for the launch of the Kickstarter.

The Artefacters: This group of adventures include treasure hunters, adventure seekers and those who roam the untamed wilds in search for artifacts. The Artefacters have a strong combined theme between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Their leader is a charismatic female human by the name of Nix who plays a very mobile and deadly game with her re-curve bow. The brute Berengeii tough “Sage” and the slippery Sorrian scout “Slethssk” also make an appearance in the Artefacter’s warband.

The Firm: The Firm are pure and simple the criminals of the current age. They represent the organised crime gangs and other undesirables that, in the vacuum of order after the fall, have risen to power. They are violent and ruthless and are not scared to get their hands dirty in often vicious and bloody ways. The Firm's warband leader is the dual Uzi sub-machine gun wielding Kaneda. Rocking yakuza-esque tattoos and a love for combat, he can cause enemy players to take additional damage in combat. Hosk is the Firm's brute and in true style he is armed with a power sledge hammer for bloody up close and personal combat.

The Militia: The Militia are drawn from settlements like the Minutemen of old. While each of the new settlements and cities will have their own militia, none has the reported reputation of the crew led by Forek from Skyton. Forek has the look of a seasoned jungle fighter equipped with a pulse rifle and machete. He leads from the front and with his ability to re-roll a command roll can push his other crew members to above and beyond their limits. My favourite model of the range so far would have the Militia scout Hove. Hove is a human male and he is armed with not only a cool looking sniper rifle but also what looks to be a pet attack lizard. The model oozes pure and unadulterated awesomeness and I cannot wait to pick up and paint it!

The Bondsmen: Last and not least are the true rough nut mercenary and bounty hunter types from the Bondsmen. Willing to do anything for the pay and contract and at the helm we have a Sorrian by the name of Limossk. This reptile is not only packing Bullpip and Bola’s for catching those hard to pin down bounties, but also the famed flaming sword Souvla. The other released models for the Bondmens look just as wild and tribal including the human Mech Jorra and his huge cleaving axe.

The Drowned Earth Kickstarter got off to a strong start! The game was funded in an hour and has broken through quite a few stretch goals already!

  • Funded in 1 hour
  • All 4 factions unlocked in 6 hours
  • Rulebook unlocked in first 24 hours

The guys at The Drowned Earth just announced something very exciting!

A “Choose your own Adventurer” event, which will run for the course of the Kickstarter campaign.

The game creator will be writing a short story in episodes, and at the end of each episode will be a poll with a number of questions for backers to answer.

The results of these questions will determine things like:

What species
What gender
Weapon load out

And of course how the character responds to what happens in the story! So a choose your own adventure story, but choosing the nature of the character too!

Best part of it? At the end of the campaign the model will actually be sculpted, and all backers at Starter Box level or higher will get it for free!

How cool is that?

You can check out the Kickstarter here: